Questions about route realms

From: Anton
Date: Tue Jan 26 2010 - 07:42:53 EST


Two questions:

1. Does linux kernel support realms only for IPv4 ? I tried to add an IPv6 route with realm. It was added but
"ip -6 r sh" did not show realm, it showed added route without realm. May be this is only tc bug ? I hope ...
We widely use realms for classifying traffic and if we will use IPv6 I don't know how to replace realms by
something else.

2. realm has an unsigned 32 int size. 16-bit src realm and 16-bit dst realm. When I'm trying to add route with
realm more then 255 it returns error. For example "ip r add dev ppp0 realm 65000" should work
but it does not. Is this a bug or am I mistaking ?

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