TCP Stateful failover

From: John Reynolds
Date: Sun Jun 13 2010 - 19:12:00 EST


I am working on a project that requires a hot standby configuration, I
will be using CARP as the failover mechanism.
the central software establishes the connections to remote hosts, and
I need the failover to be stateful.
so my question is this, can the standby machines be made to think they
have a connection to the remote hosts, so that when one of them
becomes the master, they can just start communicating without having
to go through the connection setup process.
I cant have the standbys create real connections, as the remote host
only allows a single connection to the listening port, thus having to
wait for timeouts etc, would make the failover take an unacceptably
long time.

Any suggestions or examples of how to achieve this would greatly appreciated.

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