Re: IBM Token Ring problems

Sun, 30 Jul 1995 21:57 +0100 (MET)

> Well, at work we have 1 card which works with linux.
> We are trying sdesperatly to find cards that are similar but
> we have yet to find one that is not in use. There are also ARP problems
> with the token ring card/driver.
> As far as the success goes. The one card that does work, has never worked
> with windoze or dos, the others work fine under NT and windows dos.
> If your card has two lights in the back, it isn't supported.
Happily, I managed to get the card working.
The trick is, our test ring was faulty :-)
If you have the IBM Auto 16/4 ISA token ring adapter, with the
two lights on the pack, you must patch the driver.

In ibmtr.c, around line 280:
if (intr==0) irq=9;
if (intr==1) irq=3;
if (intr==2) irq=10;
if (intr==3) irq=11;
while(!(ti->mmio + ACA_OFFSET + ACA_RW + RRR_EVEN));
ti->sram=(unsigned char *)((unsigned long)(ti->mmio + ACA_OFFSET
Change the last line into:
ti->sram = NULL;

Then around line 390:
if (cardpresent==TR_ISA) { /* finish figuring the shared RAM
Change that to:
if (ti->sram == NULL) { /* finish...

This helped for us. Any specialists know why the assignment
of the shared RAM area fails?

Hildo Biersma