Re: Kernel OOPS with 1.2.11
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 14:29:21 -0500

I've been playing around with IP masquerading in the latest kernel I can
find (1.3.13). When I stick to stuff like telnetting, it appears to work
perfectly. I tried an FTP accross it before reading that FTP wasn't
totally supported yet, and this caused a crash.

The "ipfw" utility I'm using came from a distribution of the net
utilities numbered 1.2.0. Is there a chance that this might be the cause
of the problem? Is there a more recent utility to try?

I was unable to extract useful information from the crash. The whole
screen seemed to go insane, spewing pages and pages of numbers that were
meaningless to me. What information might be useful in tracking down the
bug that caused the crash?

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