Sarel Lugtenburg (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 11:42:40 +0200 (GMT+0200)

> > The RADIUS server source is free of charge ( on
> > :/pub/livingston/radius), the clients software however not as I think
> > they expect you to use their terminal servers.
> >
> > I have however hacked together some radius client software for Unix and
> > it works great. If the demand is big enough I'll clean up the code and
> > try to put a nice package together.
> I'd REALLY REALLY like to get a copy of that client software. <Otherwise
> I'll have to write my own> :)
To tell the truth at this stage the stuff I put together is basically a
hacked "login" command. The login command first queries the local passwd
file and then queries a radius server. I have not yet implemented radius
accounting but the system keeps a complete local log in the normal utmp,

I developed it primarily for dial in ppp and slip accounts. Please let
now what your requirements are. I just want to clean up the code a little
bit before I make it publicly available.

If your still interested please let know. Please let me know what your
basic requirements are.

Sarel Lugtenburg