Network Device driver

laurent dufour (
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 19:08:39 +0000 (WET)

Well, here is the subject of my request. I'am currently developping
an ethernet device drivers for linux. The card i'am developping the driver
for is a Gateway communications G/Ethertwist (ISA version)

It is an isa card, with both UTP/AUI no bnc.

I'm deseperate to find informations for this card, in fact Gateway
communications does not exist anymore , it has been bought by MicroDyne. I
ask Microdyne if they have some specifications for the card but they told
me that they bought gateway but did not develop anything for this
card. They are just here to assure an after buy service.

So here is my request ,if anyone has something on the following
chip please e-mail me what you have

Fujitsu MDB 86960a
MDB 86953

For the moment the driver is in a very alpha stage, against linux
1.2.9. The detection is working (IO ports/IRQ) and I got an eth0 device,
but I miss the function to send/receive packets from the network.

Well that`s it many thanks in advance.

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