Re: Raw Packets

Rob Janssen reading Linux mailinglist (
Sat, 5 Aug 1995 13:22:49 +0200 (MET DST)

According to Andrew Cameron:
> I would like to know how to send a raw packet onto an ethernet lan with
> Linux.
> The format I want is
> write_raw(Source_Ether_Addr,Dest_Ether_Address,data,datalen)
> and
> read_raw(Source_Ether_Addr,Dest_Ether_Address,data,datalen)
> I want to be able to communicate between various Systems based only on
> their Ethernet address. The data can be encrypted or unencrypted.

Normal practice on Ethernet is to use an "Ethertype" (protocol ID) in
addition to the source and destination addresses. This is considered
part of the addressing, as it is used to demultiplex the incoming traffic
on the destination system.

> Are there any routines available to do this kind of thing and if so where
> can I find them.

Look in the DOSEMU sources, in the "net" subdirectory.
There is a packet driver emulation in DOSEMU which send/receives raw
packets as well.


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