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Juan Jose Ciarlante (jjciarla@raiz.uncu.edu.ar)
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 16:19:11 +0400 (MDZ)

Hi *:

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Jack Morgan wrote:
> Does anyone know how to do the ipalias patch for kernels over 1.3.40?
Due to strong 1.3.42 route.c changes it is difficult to maintain my
current ip_alias implementation with its device EMULATION.

This moved me to start a completely new development (v0.4) with these criteria:
- create REAL-real devices, so kernel 'tasks' can use them (specially
- maintain ioctl interface managing (ifconf) same as v0.3 (magic naming)
so you dont have to unpatched ifconfig, netstat, etc .. can be used.
- hashed lookup.
- AF_ independent (not IP specific)

I renamed ip_alias to net_alias due to it IP-independent features.
Alan Cox agreed to merge my new development (when done :) to linux dist.
By now, I'm alpha testing it. It is succesfully running over 1.3.45.

# cd /usr/src
# zcat <patch_file> | patch -p0
# make config (answer 'y' to "IP: NET-alias support" )
# make dep
# make zImage
and lilo the new kernel ...
after boot:
# ifconfig eth0:0 <new-ipaddr>
~~ magic naming: eth0 alias #0 (up to 256/iface)

# route add -host <new-ipaddr> if it is a same-network-as-eth0 alias
# route add -net <net-netaddr> if it is a diff-net alias

If anyone wants to try, just ftp to the address below.
BEWARE that it is not finished yet.
You can ftp 1.3.45 patch from

Of course there are still (stable) ip_alias v0.3 patches for 1.2.13,
1.3.32 & 1.3.40 at (also README*):

Any suggestions/problems/flames please e-mail me.
Thanks for your TTTT (*).

(*) TTTT: Trust, Test, Taste & Tell.