Re: Router/Gated config
8 May 1996 10:08:39 -0000

RHS Linux User writes:
> As for your question about mixed network classes on one hub, the answer
> is a resounding -NO-, unless you can partition the hub (then it would
> really be two hubs tho, wouldn't it :).
> >From what I remember of the subject, all nodes on a given ethernet
> segment must have the same network address.

Oh, but this *can* work. You forget that you're running a real
operating system, with a real IP stack. You can tell Linux that it
has a route to both network addresses, and they're both on eth0.
You'll have to set up your router accordingly also. Ciscos have an
option for an alternate network address. Don't know about other
routers. Linux running as a router will happily route to two networks
on the same Ethernet segment.

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