Is eql usable as a single device?

Jason P. Schanuel (
Sat, 11 May 1996 13:49:14 -0700 (PDT)

I have recently added an ISP who uses Livingston portmasters and
Linux boxes (also BSDI). My thought was to finally try out the eql
driver (since I have two 28.8 modems).

Here's where I am so far:

I have configured the eql driver with ifconfig eql <my-ip> mtu 1006

I have an ip-up script similar to the 1.2 docs (delete ppp route,
enslave ppp and (re)add the default route to the eql device)

Startup two pppd's (I have a static ip address)

Shazam! I can upload at ~twice the normal speed :-)

unfortunately (and somewhat expected) all trafic to my box
is transmitted on the second ppp that I started.

My (limited) understanding is that I really need to ensure:

1) I connect to pormasters attatched to a single Linux box(?)
2) The remote ip is the address of that linux box
3) someone configures that linux box to recognize (ip-up)
connections from my ip and uses eql_enslave on that box
and instead of creating a default route to the eql device they
would create a route to my ip to that eql device.

OK, assuming (a great streach of the imagination) that my provider
would do this for me...isn't it true that that is all that eql device
can do? Have I used up the only eql device that exists on that
Linux box? I tried (in vain) to ifconfig eql0 ... but that didn't work :-(.

I would be mildly tempted to undertake this as a project except:
1) my provider probably wouldn't do it anyway
2) isn't eql a temporary solution to be replaced by MLPPP (is anyone
working on this for linux serial devices?)

So assuming that the above information is correct (a great
stretch of the imagination), I would assume the eql is really intended
to network two local Linux boxes (with two serial ports each) for
those who can't afford (or can't get from work) a token ring LAN
(or even an ethernet LAN for the really ipoverished :-). I might also
be used for those *rare* boxes that are for outgoing traffic (web servers
and such).

Any comments?

Jason P Schanuel

PS. please don't get me wrong... this is not a knock on eql. I was
plesently suprized that outgoing traffic did EQLize.