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Sat, 11 May 96 14:07 PDT

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From: (John Paul Morrison)
Subject: Re: Cyclades Card and Pentium Problems
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Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 21:07:22 GMT

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Ralph Whittaker <> wrote:
>I just installed a P133 Mother Board (with the Award BIOS) in my system
>(it provides internet access to about 50 users using 7 modems). When the
>system boots the Cyclades card is found but it doesn't seem to find the
>IRQ. The tyCX ports are not listed like they were with the DX2/66 486
>board. I also get message that it is respawning to quickly?

what kind of motherboard do you have? I've had the cyclades card go
undetected or partially detected (4 ports detected instead of 8) on
some poor quality motherboards (ie Gigabyte), but work flawlessly on
others (Asus)

>I am running 1.2.5 which has been a very solid kernel (for me) on the
>DX2/66 machine.
>I tried booting with 1.2.13 and got the same results.
>I have been thinking that maybe I should try one of the 1.3.X kernels but
>haven't been keeping up on them as much as I should. Are they ELF
>kernels and will they work on my system that was originally installed
>with the 1.1.18 kernel? I don't really want to re-install linux at this
>time unless I really have to...
>After changing IRQs and bios settings to slow the p133 down a bit (all to
>no avail) I put the DX2/66 board back in and the Cyclades card started
>working like normal?
>Is there something I should know (that I haven't been able to fine) about
>running a P133 with a Cyclades board?
>Thanks for any help..

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