Linux<-->Sparc nfs

Dave Wreski (
Sat, 11 May 1996 18:28:20 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all. I'm using 1.3.94 as an nfs server to my sparc, connected via
ethernet. This is on top of a redhat 3.0.3 install. For some reason,
regardless of how I do it, I can't get the sparc to mount rw. 'showmount
-e' on my linux box tells me:

Export list for
/usr/home/root *
/export/cdrom *
/ * is my sparc. I'm not directly connected to the net, so
these IP's are not a problem with conflicts, etc. On my sparc (solaris
2.5) when trying to copy a file I get:

% cp mbox file1
% cp: cannot create regular file `file1': No such file or directory

This is done as root, with this mount command:

% mount -F nfs -o rw,hard gossamer:/usr/home/root /usr/home/root/Proxy

I don't remember seeing/having this problem in the past, and I'm hoping
nothing is wrong.

Thanks for any ideas,
Dave Wreski