Re: local httpd server vs remote

Wolfgang Jung (
Sun, 12 May 1996 11:43:55 +0200 (MET DST)

#Hi all. I am interested in running a local httpd server here on my small
#ethernet network. One of the PC's is also connected via ppp to the net.
#When I type the IP address of my local web server, it hunts for it out on
#the internet.. How can I get it to look locally first? This is my
#current route -n config:
#route -n
#Kernel routing table
#Destination Gateway Genmask Flags MSS Window Use Iface
# * UH 1500 0 0 ppp0
# * UH 1500 0 0 eth0
# * U 1500 0 9 eth0
# * U 3584 0 3 lo
#default * UG 1500 0 6 ppp0
#As you can see, my default route is on the net, but my IP address is
#, and the local httpd server is I tried to
#add a route to it, but I think I'm still missing something (ip aliasing?)

a) there is no need to add the route to the 200.6 into the eth0
device !, since it is already done by the generic Netroute 200.0
b) You need to use ProxyARP, so you have to use the dummy device
to add a second local IP. ProxyARP for the second IP is needed
so the rest of the Ethernet IP Hosts know that the 200.4 is to
get the packets for 200.6.
(This should work with arp -s IP ETHERaddress pub, or similar..)