Bernd Eckenfels (
15 May 1996 03:31:55 GMT


since the other releases of the net-tools dont compile with recent kernels
(especially not with 1.99.x) I made a new test-release public. It's labeled
alpha, that you cant complain about the ppor code quality, the outdated
manpages and the missing NLS support :)

Please see
for infomation, and get the new release from


See the README-1.31-alpha file there for the latest and greatest
informations. This is a development snapshot, and I'm sorry that I havent
updated ipfw to support the new firewalling (and nobody volunteered yet :(

arp now supports the -D switch for specifing device names instead of
hardware addresses. hostname and arp are beta with up-to-date man-pages and
netstat is beta, too. ip-route is beta, too, consider ifconfig stable but


PS: since is so slow, it might be possible that you find a
more recent version of the net-tools if you read this message next year
(probably 2.46-theta).

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