Re: /dev/cua? Vs /dev/ttyS? (was: Re: co-existance of pppd and mgetty

Stephen Harris (
Wed, 15 May 1996 06:19:34 GMT

Theodore Y. Ts'o ( wrote:
: using /dev/cuaXX. The only reason why /dev/cuaXX hasn't disappeared yet
: is for backwards compatibility reasons.

Well, I for one hope that it stays. For the simplest of cases (dialin/out
on one line) it trivialises the whole exercise and means you don't have to
mess around with file system locks.

For those who want strict Posix compliance, they can remove the cua device
from their /dev directory. For those that want a quick-n-dirty solution
they can use the dual devices.

I've got companies using this feature in Solaris/SunOS/Linux for
UUCP/Kermit/tip/cu acess between sites and it works great. I've got one
site running CTIX which doesn't have this feature, and it's a headache.

                            Stephen Harris

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