Re: Linux & Multiple processing?

Rob Wehrli (
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:15:05 -1000

Rene Petersen wrote:
> wrote:
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> > I am wondering if the linux operating system takes advantage of computers
> > with multiple processors!
> Yes, but it is in devellopment
> look at or

These are good sources for information about Linux SMP, which appears
incredibly stable in our 2.0.0 implementation of it. Just be sure that when
you compile the kernel, that you edit the top-level makefile and uncomment
the SMP=1 line.

> > If yes would anyone know how many processors can Linux deal with at the
> > same time?
> I thought 2

1 to 16 is a bit more accurate. However, it is more likely that you'll find
hardware supporting a maximum of 2 or even 4 processors a bit more
affordable. I don't know of a hardware platform that supports 16 P-CPUs, but
it sounds as if some impressive numbers would be possible with such an
animal--assuming the system wasn't extremely I/O bound.

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> > Any information welcome......Thank's
> rene
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