Re: eth0 mismatched read page ptr

Paul Gortmaker (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 11:07:20 +1000 (EST)

> > Putting dual Tx bufs back into place didn't happen until 1.3.99, so if
> > it broke at 1.3.97 it is probably something else. Did 1.3.96 actually
> > work without the need to hard reset the machine after running win95?
> I just sent another mail to Alan (cc:linux-net) about this. 1.3.96 worked
> fine... (but I've already deleted the zimage).


$ zcat patch-1.3.97.gz | diffstat | grep net
drivers/net/depca.c | 7
net/ipv4/ | 4

I checked for other files that might have a non-obvious side effect and
there don't appear to be any. Perhaps you happened to start using
another driver (under linux or win95) such as a proprietary CD-ROM
or sound card or something at that point?

Anyway, here is what to do, even if you aren't a kernel guru.

1) Grab linux-1.3.96.tar.gz and patch-1.3.97.gz.
2) Verify that 1.3.96 still doesn't require the reset, but '97 does.
3) Read linux/Documentation/BUG-HUNTING and start testing.