PPP-problem !?!

Rudi van Drunen (R.van.Drunen@chem.rug.nl)
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 09:21:17 +0200 (MET DST)

Some help required !

Here is the problem:

Setup: Local Machine : Kernel 1.2.13, pppd 2.2.0.f, Using a ZyXEL
2864I isdn modem, hardware flow, 16550 uart serial speed 57Kbd.

Remote machine: Rockwell Nethopper ISDN router. correctly
configured, using PAP, Everything works under windows NT (running on
the same PC hardware).

Problem: Connection with pppd works, authentication is OK, routing
table looks ok. If I send some packets to the router (with ping) I see
them coming through the modem , and I see reply packets coming
back. Only the ping program does NOT report packets coming in. Also
e.g. telnet, ftp etc do not work, (they send packets, but apperently
they do not accept the received packets).so: no networking....

The outputs of ifconfig and netstat show both packets sent and received.

I checked the same setup communicating to an SGI Indy over ISDN: No
problem. Also the same setup works with a Xylogics Annex 3 and a
normal modem.

I use the following pppd line:

/usr/sbin/pppd connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v "" atb40 OK atdi0123456789 CONNECT'\
/dev/cua1 38400 debug crtscts modem defaultroute +ua /etc/ppp/pap-passwd \
kdebug 7

the syslog tells me :

22:16:47 quick pppd[295]: pppd 2.2.0 started by root, uid 0
22:16:48 quick chat[296]: send (atb40^M)
22:16:48 quick chat[296]: expect (OK)
22:16:48 quick chat[296]: atb40^M^M
22:16:48 quick chat[296]: OK -- got it
22:16:48 quick chat[296]: send (atdi0123456789^M)
22:16:49 quick chat[296]: expect (CONNECT)
22:16:49 quick chat[296]: ^M
22:16:51 quick chat[296]: atdi0123456789^M^M
22:16:51 quick pppd[295]: Serial connection established.
22:16:51 quick chat[296]: CONNECT -- got it
22:16:52 quick pppd[295]: Using interface ppp0
22:16:52 quick pppd[295]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/cua1
22:16:53 quick pppd[295]: Remote message: Welcome
22:16:53 quick pppd[295]: local IP address
22:16:53 quick pppd[295]: remote IP address
22:16:53 quick kernel: ppp: channel ppp0 going up for IP packets!
22:17:05 quick kernel: ppp: successfully queued 98 bytes, flags = f0700c7
22:17:05 quick kernel: ppp: successfully queued 6 bytes, flags = f0700c7
22:17:06 quick kernel: ppp: successfully queued 99 bytes, flags = f0700c7
22:17:06 quick kernel: ppp: successfully queued 6 bytes, flags = f0700c7

There are packet coming etc.
The routing is ok (even a ping to the router does not work)...

Are there some ppp gurus that can solve this, or have it seen before ??



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