Re: SMC Etherpower lockups

Wolfgang Jung (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 20:39:22 +0200 (MET DST)

#Hi all,
# I'm using an SMC Etherpower PCI Combo card in a PC running ver 1.2.12 of
#the kernel and it detects the card as a DE435:
#eth0: DE435 at 0xfc80 (PCI device 14), h/w address 00:00:c0:76:22:d0,
# and requires IRQ11 (not probed).
#de4x5.c:v0.241 4/18/95
#The card appears to work normally (ie ping / remote X apps / telnet etc) until I try to ftp. Its generally OK on small files (<2MB) and on occasion
#I have transfered ~20MB before the whole machine locks up. Unfortunately
#this machine has to do a lot of ftp and the users are getting a bit narked.
#It seems to occur when the machine writes the data to disk. I to this by
#splitting the file into 1MB chunks and mgetting them only pressing y when
#it appears to have written the data. If prompt is turned off then it locks
#as before.
#Any help would be appreciated.

Similar Problem at our Site , the machine is supposed to be a NFS Server
but if the traffic on the Ethernet from/to this machine the machine just gets hang in 3-20h depending on the ethernettraffic..
But perhaps the 2.0 kernel is better , at least the tries has developed a bit,
at least the versionnumer was counted and some infos about the version are mentioned within the source file.