Re: Bug in 1.2.13 firewall

Mike Kilburn (
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 19:10:55 +0200

Dennis from ET wrote
>> Hey. Give me a kernel that works and we'll do a port ......

Thats a cop out. Every other driver maintainer kept up with 1.3 to some
extent. I would think your sales to Linux users would justify someone
to at least read the mailing lists. The fact that you shipped a 1.3.56
(which did not work BTW) and not a 1.3.57 driver show you dont care enough
Linux to know what a stable kernel is.

>>or than Linux was the wrong O/S :-)

Linux is the right OS for the job we needed done. The problem was the person
who recomended the ET card to our client did not realize there was no
source. We have been using 1.3.57 for firewalls since the day the patch
was released without problems.

>>a v2.0.0 port is runs fine but we still have to untangle all
>>this skbuf crap.....unfortunately it doesnt look much better in 2.0 :(
>> I always hated mbufs but they look mighty nice now!

This is scary. With this comment from an ET developer I will be able to
convince all our clients not to buy your cards. Thanks :) But, if you send
me your source I will be happy to port it for you (for a small fee).

People want Linux. If you dont support it properly you will lose customers.
For the product you sell, no one is going to switch OS's just to use your card.
There are to many other options now and several more coming to market this