ascend pipeline and Linux

Kambiz Aghaiepour (
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 10:23:05 -0700

Swapping out the ethernet card with an SMC Ultra still caused the same
bahavior. Moreover, compiling in the Masquerading option into the
1.3.30 kernel that was working now causes the same bahavior. My next
experiment will be to take out the masquerade option from the 2.0.0
kernel and see if the bahavior goes away. Unfortunately I don't have
another machine on which I can run etherfind; I might be able to borrow
a sparc2 for the experiment though. Thanks for the tip.


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Kambiz Aghaiepour <> wrote:
|Western Digital Ethernet Card
|Connected via 10BT to an Ascend Pipeline 25 ISDN modem
| Note: The externally connected Ascend modem automatically initiated
| calls to my local ISP whenever it seems outbound packets.
| Also, it configured such that inbound broadcast packets do not
| reset the idle timer; this way the connection is dropped after
| two minutes of idle time.
|Since upgrading to linux-2.0.0 I'm noticing outbound ethernet packets of
|an unknown type that are causing the connection to my ISP to go "up".
|I've tried to look for the source of the packets using "tcpdump" but
|nothing shows up (even though I see that there are occasional packets
|initiating the ISDN call).
|I've compiled in the packet forwarding/gatewaying option as well as the
|masquerading option along with running "ipfwadm" to masquerade all
|outbound packets. But I cannot see why there are outbound ethernet
|packets coming from my system.
|Any ideas on why this might be happening? Is there a "etherdump" or
|"etherfind" available for linux? This behavior does not happen with
|linux-1.3.30 . I haven't tried any other 1.3.x kernel revs. But I
|really need the IP masquerading option.

Michael> For more accurate experiments, you might try running another
Michael> host on the ethernet segment that connects your Linux box to
Michael> your Ascend. This way you can run tcpdump (or etherfind, or
Michael> snoop) from that host to see if the suspect Linux box is really
Michael> generating producing some traffic that is waking up your
Michael> Ascend.

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