Re: Bug in 1.2.13 firewall

Mike Kilburn (
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 20:38:28 +0200

> > to at least read the mailing lists. The fact that you shipped a 1.3.56
> > (which did not work BTW) and not a 1.3.57 driver show you dont care enough
> > about
> > Linux to know what a stable kernel is.
> Out of order: I actually exchanged Email with Denis before 2.0 along the
> issue of what version to port stuff against. Having tcp problems up to 2.0

Ok. My apologies to dennis for those comments. I got very upset with ET
because they caused me a lot of grief with there bogus 1.3.56 driver and
trying to convince our clients to dump Linux in favor of freeBSD. I should
learn not to to write email when I am mad.