Re: Running Linux boxes as high end servers

Paul Wouters (
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 23:13:51 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Stefan Magdalinski wrote:

> kit such as DEC's or Sun's. We'd want a couple of nameservers, a good
> news-server, a web/ftp server and so on. a very rough guess is about
> 1000-10,000 customers initially, with a full news feed.

If you use linux on pentium based machines you'll be more then okay (as
long as you're not stuffing them with fourports and run ppp for them.)
Get a GOOD machine for your newsfeed. PCI, SCSI, plenty of ram. Don't use
this machine for much else. (Maybe just your secondairy nameserver and
fallback MX host). Get another machine to do the rest. And if you REALLY
get 10000 customers, You'd probably want a dedicated cached server running
as well. I can't stress the point enough about your news server. Don't
go for a cheap isa scsi card. You'll regret it (Do I sound bitter ? :)

> I'd be especially interested if
> somebody could point to some actual data, and/or running servers, but I'm up
> for opinions, suggestions, recommendations, thoughts, ideas, also.

The above setup is what we sort of use. For a client of us we recommended a
similar solution, but they prefered an HP9000/800 server, since they had
many HP servers there already. So, they now have a single machine for
everything. I wonder how it will perform though when all the students there
start reading and posting news next school year ;)