OSPF <--> RIP Questions

James Hughes (jamesh@interpath.com)
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 17:20:58 -0400

I am using gated to attach several sub-nets to our campus
network. I use
OSPF to route between my main network ( and the sub-nets
01.64, The campus network that I'm attaching to is
running rip
and is behind a firewall. The OSPF is working great on my side of the
main gatew
ay. All routers see a route to the campus network and are able to send
packets o
ut. The problem is that I can't ping anything on my network from the
campus net.
Using tcpdump, I see that campus network nodes are sending arp requests
to ping
s from inside my net to them.

1) Can I export the OSPF routes to rip for the campus net?

2) Can I import rip into my OSPF routes?

3) What is the propper way to handle this situation?

Thanks in advance,

James Hughes