Re: Setting up an irc server

Kevin M Bealer (
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 20:12:48 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Carlos Chamorro wrote:

> Hi all !
> I'm willing to set up an IRC server on my linux box, but up to this moment I've been unable to find any info about servers (source nor binaries) to run on it.
> So the question is:
> Can anybody out there point me in the right direction to find it ?
> BTW, do you have any advice or warning about setting it up (security, bandwidth required or any oter issue) ?
> thanks in advance, every answer will be welcomed.
> Carlos M. Chamorro

There has been some discussion about changing the number of files a process
may open at one time. The current limit is 256 -- this cometh from

You can change it there -- but accord. to the prev. discussion libc can
break if you do this. (( This may be fixed, I suggest you ask on
linux-kernel for more info..

Depending on your plans, this may not be relevant. The discussion about
open files used IRC servers as an example... I don't know enough about IRC
to know under what conditions it would matter.

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