Re: NFS question?

Olaf Kirch (
Sun, 16 Jun 96 03:21 MET DST

In article <> you wrote:
[description of `text file busy' problem with nfsd deleted.]

: The problem is not with the kernel or AMD. The problem is the Linux
: NFS server, but getting a newer version won't help. This bug will
: probably never be fixed in the current Linux NFS server.

For the n-th time: newer nfsd's greatly reduce the time they keep a
file handle open (in the range of a few seconds). That should help
all but the fastest typists.

: (It will be
: fixed when somebody writes an NFS server for Linux which is not a
: complete crock, which some people are working on.)

Yes I'm working on a kernel-based nfsd. No the current user-space nfsd
is not complete crock. It works quite well with a fairly large variety
of NFS clients which is not that obvious once you have seen what crap
some NFS clients throw at their server and expect it to handle gracefully.


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