Re: DOD Routing

Kevin M Bealer (
Sun, 16 Jun 1996 00:27:07 -0400 (EDT)

On 14 Jun 1996 wrote:

> Does anyone know how to set up Dial on Demand routing in Linux?
> I would like to be able to set a trigger event to establish my PPP.
> For example
> Linux Address netmask FF.FF.FF.0
> If a packet is received for 205.114.60.X, init the PPP connection and
> deamon.
> I am hoping there is something like INETD to solve it.

The version of PPP or the kernel that I use (pppd was bleeding edge when I
got it but I am not sure if there's newer -- somewhere in 2.2.0) can do this
for me. (The kernel right now 2.0.0 but it started before this...).

Anyway, somehow the script /sbin/request-route is run with the gateway ip
number, which can then do anything at all to satisfy the route request...
my script runs pppd and the connection goes up when it does.

The docs for this are with the source for ppp, with an example script.

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