ET support for LINUX
16 Jun 1996 23:43:14 -0000

dennis writes:
> >
> > Dennis representing ET foolishly wrote:
> >> True, but if the kernel isnt stable who cares if the drivers work? The
> >> bottom line is that if the kernel is stable then you dont need source,

Nope. We need source to port it to your competitor's boards, or to
fix it because you won't (as you've said you wouldn't)

> I lose money on customers like you, who buy a board or two and then want
> weekly upgrades and whine about every little thing. Why do you think that most
> commercial vendors want nothing to do with LINUX?

They only want weekly upgrades because they don't have source. The
problem is that you're trying to sell hardware AND software as a
proprietary solution together. As a consequence, you have to support
the software. Get used to people complaining that you don't when you

If, on the other hand, you were "merely" selling the hardware, giving
away the software, and selling support for (possibly only some version
of) the software, then you wouldn't have this problem. You also get
advertising value from the freely copyable nature of your software.

Yes, someone might port your driver to their competing hardware. But
consider this: they have to add their copyright, and cannot remove
yours. How many of your competitors are going to advertise "Our
drivers were written by our competitor" (that is, you)?

You are overestimating the desire of your competitors to use your
software. You are underestimating the desire of your customers to buy
the hardware from the guy who wrote the software.

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