Mike Kilburn (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 17:22:37 +0200 (SAT)

On Sat, 25 Jan 1997, Luis Felipe Balbinot wrote:

> Hi, I'm new on the list and I need some help.
> I use kernel 2.0.28 and I have a Cyclades Router. What I want to do is
> to ask my router (snmp) how many packets have been received and how many
> have been sent. The question is: HOW? I never worked with network
> programming using C. Could anyone help me?

The cmu-snmp libs seem to work very well. I have some problems
using them with LinuxThreads but otherwise its great. The nice
thing is you have an API for C and also simple function to get/set
MIB variables from shell scripts - very handy.