Linux as an Ethernet Switch & More

Ron Van Dam (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 12:57:25 -0400

Theorically speaking:

Would it be possible/feastible to set up a linux box as a Ethernet
Switch by briging multiple ethernet cards? Or would Linux bridging just
forward all packets to all interfaces? Theorically, would a Pentium 200
with PCI ethernet NICs be able to deliver acceptable performance?

Second, Any News about supporting PING with IP Masquerade? I know that
Traceroute works, but some applications use PING first to check to see
if a host is alive before they begin communicating. I heard rumors that
some one was addressing this issue, and I would like to know if is true
and a possible release date.

Third, Is there any support for the Eagle/Microdyne NW2000 serial card?
NW2000 is a serial card for PPP and framerelay up to T1 speeds.