Re: Linux as an Ethernet Switch & More

Christoph Lameter (
25 Jan 1997 14:37:57 -0800

Dean Gaudet ( wrote:
: It's certainly possible but I would seriously question your reasons for
: doing this. After all, a 3com 24 10baseT port with a 100baseT uplink
: multiple MAC address switch costs um, $3k. After you've bought a p200
: plus a bunch of multiport NICs and screwed with their interrupts and
: configured linux and possibly dealt with bugs in the bridging code...
: you're getting up there near $3k if not over.

I did bridging for awhile with an old 486DX66 with three 3Com 509s and it worked fine.
The price was just the three boards. There is always an old PC around somewheres...

Another problem with commercial products is that they do not support protocol filtering.
Linux 2.1.2X supports selectively switching off and on protocols to be bridged. That is a very
important features that we are missing since we got a commercial switch.