Your experiences please!

Giles Warham (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 14:47:07 +0000 (GMT)


I am in the process of planning a new college network - I would be
interested to know if anyone else in the education business has done
anything similar to that outlined below, and what your experiences have
been. I am particularly interested to know if you are happy with the
end result, and if you have had any problems.

I am planning to install a Slackware Linux'96 system, with ethernet to
connect upto 100 machines running WindoZe (3.1WFWG and 95). The network
will be segmented into blocks of about 20 machines, using small linux
boxes with 2 or more NICs as router/gateways. The main box will act as a
file store using the SAMBA support in linux, and will also act as a
gateway to the internet. Its is also our intention to use this box to
provide the internal email service, as well as full internet email to all
our users. We also plan to run an http server, and possibly the 'inn' net
news server (although the news server will probably run on a machine all
to itself). The internet connection will be a 64k/bit direct line to our
ISP, so access to the site will be available 24 hours. We are not looking
for extra-fast comms over the network - no full motion video or anything
like that :-)

In tests with 6 WindoZe boxes + 1 linux 'server', things have performed
perfectly, so we are keen to continue up this route - however, the
management require some feedback from other sites who are running a
similar setup before they will give the go ahead. Any comments will be
very much welcomed.

Many thanks for your time in advance.

Best regards,