Re: Microsoft Proxy Server & Linux

Al Longyear (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 03:11:13 -0800 (PST)

Ivan Vassilev wrote:
> I have a Microsoft Proxy Server connected to my Internet provider.
> What must I do to connect a Linux box from my internal network to
> Internet?
> I can't say that my default GW is the Proxy, because it's not! The
> connection to Proxy is via Cisco router.
> The Win95 stations is using Microsoft Proxy Client, is there something
> like this for Linux?

The proxy server is not compatible with any Linux product that I know.
I have tried several ways to get past the proxy server that SII.COM is
now using and all attempts failed. (My working solution was to put my
portable on the 'red' -- raw, unprotected -- side of the network with
the knowledge that I could not access any company system from it.)

The netscape program has support for a proxy server. It may work with
Microsoft's proxy code.

Microsoft has stated that they plan to support socks5 on their server.
However, that support is not available (or was not a month ago when I
last checked.) Until then, if your ISP is running a proxy server then
you are stuck using Windows 95/Windows NT if you want general access
to the internet.

Linux, by the way, is not the only platform affected by this
configuration. Any UNIX platform will have the same problems. So do
the macintosh platforms. In fact, most any platform _BUT_ Microsoft's
will have troubles.

I have heard that Microsoft's proxy code is compatible with NCSA's
proxy code. I looked and could only find NEC's proxy code and that
does not work with Microsoft's server.

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