Re: Linux as an Ethernet Switch & More

Danny ter Haar (
27 Jan 1997 13:05:20 +0100

DUPRE Christophe <duprec@JSP.UMontreal.CA> wrote:
>Not really - you can get a P166 with minimal hard drive, 32 Megs RAM and
>4 100Mbps NIC cards (PCI - no interrupt fiddling) for under $2000,
>assuming you don't buy monitors, keyboard, cdrom etc which are not needed
>for a bridge... Of course, you won't be able to have 24 10BT ports, but
>for a smaller network Linux would do just fine...

We have a 24 ports HUB (SMC3328) that is switchable over 4 seperate
segments. In this way you could seperate some of the load over the
4 segments and use the linux box to bridge between the segments.
Furthermore i will start to bridge to a 8 ports 100basetx HUB as well.
Looks promissing.


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