Re: ipmasq

Mon, 27 Jan 97 14:34:00 -0700


I have been trying to get ipmasq to function between 2 machines on my
small local net, 1 OS/2 WARP 4 (bbs) and of course linux (linus) so far
it has not went well... :)

linux box:
kernel 2.0.0
compiled with applicable kernel switches enabled (I think...)
The "local net" works just fine, ftp, telnet etc.

linux box (linus) connected to the internet via ppp0 all
internet functions available local and telneted into this machine.

OS/2 box (bbs) connected to the linus via ethernet, can be
telneted to, ftped from... from linus (the local net is working)

ipfwadm command
ipfwadm -F -p deny
ipfwadm -F -a m -S -D
^^ I have tried to no better results.

When I check the ipfwadm tables everything shows what I have told it to
do, but nothing ever gets to or from the OS/2 machine > internet. Also
the ipfwadm generaly breaks my local net and local (linus) ppp quits
working but stays connected.

Anyone out there had any luck getting OS/2 v4 and linux to function
with ipmasq?

Jerry Allen


* 1st 2.00 #2182s * Chernobyl uses OS/2