NetWork freezing - then thawing
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 18:58:54 -0400

Evening folks,

Yes, I'm a slight bit desperate. I have mentioned this previously and would
like to thank those who suggested looking for particular caveats (Alan :)).

I am seeing my FireWall freeze at unpredictable times. It it is not limited to
a virtual interface that is in use. It causes the same problem on ppp connects
(whether serial or via ssh). Once the network freezes, an unspecified period
of time elapses and _bang_ it all starts to flow again :(. Sometimes telnet
sessions are killed dead. Chances of it occuring rise dramatically when X
traffic is in use. Some tests seemed to indicate that pulling data into the
ethernet created more collisions on the line than pushing data out... by about
400% :). Cards have been changed, complete wiring changed, still the fluke
meter shows the collision problems.

Pinging the FireWall while it it frozen gives no reply.

Pentium 100 - 32meg
Running minimal things including mars_nwe.
Linux 2.0.28 and SCSI