Re: Resolve Name

Sachin Garg (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 19:59:21 +0500 (GMT-5)

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Lap Yip... wrote:

> Hello,
> I am now having a problem that whenever the clients try to make connections
> to my linux box (telnet, ftp, http, etc), my linux box tries to resolve
> their ip address back to full name. If my DNS has no information of this ip,
> I have to wait for time out to establish the connection. It causes over
> 1 minute to establish the connection. Besides, traceroute can't work if it
> passes some ip that my linux box can't resolve its name.

The reverse DNS lookup as far as I understand is a normal security
precaution. But you shouldn't have to wait for a time out. Aren't you
running named on your server? Because if so the query should go to the
root server and so on. So I think taht it will take some time. I don't
know how to disable reverse DNS lookups.



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