Re: ipmasq & OS/2

Tue, 28 Jan 97 22:50:00 -0700


Is there anyone that has succeeded in getting ipmasq to function
correctly with/for OS/2 WARP v4?

My local net "seems to work fine" telnet ftp -- etc function both
directions from local machines, inbound telnet, http, ftp, ping
etc work fine on the linux machine. however ipmasq refuses to work.

linux machine: Connected to the internet via ppp0 --dynamic ip--
Local ip address of

OS/2 machine: Connected to the linux box via eth0
Local ip address of
ipfwadm -F -i masquerade -S192.168.1.2/32 -D0.0.0.0/0 -Wppp0

also tried
ipfwadm -F -i masquerade -S192.168.1.2/24 -D0.0.0.0/0 -Wppp0
ipfwadm -F -i masquerade -S192.168.1.2/32 -D0.0.0.0/0 -Weth0
ipfwadm -F -i masquerade -S192.168.1.2/24 -D0.0.0.0/0 -Wetho

Please pardon my frustrated ignorance! :)

Am I missing something the how to says? (most likely...)

Thanks Jerry Allen

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