scsi patches where?

PATRICK MAIN (72254.3077@CompuServe.COM)
29 Jan 97 01:23:38 EST

could someone post the location of this patch ???
i must have missed it somehow...

i checked at ecsnet but they do not have it listed either ???

Alan has already been copied on this ...... i need to
remember linux-net and not linus-net < no blankets needed ;-) >
Alan Cox said ...

>> There still seems to be the problem with the kernel stack overflow
>> and SCSI. Is this resolved now?
>> In the worst case we should adapt one of the old 2 page kernel stack
>> patches and enable it with CONFIG_SCSI.

>We are chasing it down at the moment. It seems to be SCSI and card
>specific. People with the problem if they can apply Ingo's kfault patch
>and report the Oops they get would be a big help.
>Currently I have about 70 people who have moaned and been asked to apply
>the patch and exactly ZERO oops logs

E-mail from: Patrick Main, 29-Jan-1997