Re: Resolve Name

Michael Beach (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 23:52:32 +1100 (EST)

> Hello,
> I am now having a problem that whenever the clients try to make connections
> to my linux box (telnet, ftp, http, etc), my linux box tries to resolve
> their ip address back to full name. If my DNS has no information of this
> ip, I have to wait for time out to establish the connection. It causes
> over 1 minute to establish the connection. Besides, traceroute can't work
> if it passes some ip that my linux box can't resolve its name.
> Can anyone help? I am very frustrating now...

Are you sure things are exactly as you say? We have a setup with lots of
Windoze boxes (which don't appear in any host maps; DNS, NIS or /etc/hosts)
which connect via samba to our server. The samba daemon likes to log connects,
and attempts to do reverse name lookups -- these always fail (samba doesn't
care too much, just logs the failure) after querying DNS, NIS and /etc/hosts.
However there are no timeouts of ~ 1 minute going on, connects are quick. The
only time we got long timeouts was when we had a bogus DNS server IP in our
/etc/resolv.conf, because it timed out trying to connect.

Is this your problem; a DNS server to which a connection cannot be established?

> Best Wishes,
> Lap Yip