NFS problems (was Re: how to diagnose persistent hangs in rpc_recv?)

John E. Davis (
29 Jan 1997 23:22:44 GMT

On 27 Jan 1997 20:09:05 -0500, Nelson Minar <>
>For the past few months my Linux box has had persistent, occasional
>problems of processes hanging in rpc_recv. My box has most of its
>files local, but my home directory is NFS mounted (via amd). I don't
>expect an easy answer, but tips on how to debug it further would be
>very valuable.

I am also having this problem with 2.0.28 and amd (amd920824upl90). In
addition to hanging in rpc_revc, I also have process that hang in
wait_on_page. While in `wait_on_page', top indicates that the system
is essentually idle but `xload' shows it is heavily loaded.

I do not recall having any of these problems in the early 1.3.X series
and I certainly did not have them with 1.2.13. Something is definitely
wrong with the 2.0.XX NFS implementation.

I too would appreciate some tips on diagnosing this situation because
I rely on NFS. If it continues for another week or so, I may go back
to using Solaris or possibly I will look into FreeBSD. However, I
would like to contribute to fixing the problem instead abandoning