Of High Collisions - Intereting Observation

James B. MacLean (macleajb@ednet.ns.ca)
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 08:06:04 -0400 (AST)

Hi folks,

I am not sure how realvant this is, but since I have been E-mailing lately
about problems I have been having with pppd and eth0-1 freezing and
thawing and the exceptionally high collision rates on one segment...

For the heck of it (and seeing an unrelated posting), I decided to remove
the multicast setting from my kernel.

Again, this is not a scientific procedure, so the proof is very
subjective, but my collisions have dropped _dramaticlly_. By dramatically
I am seeing less than 1/10 % collisions now where I was seeing at least
5% before.

I am still able to show that an ftp get to this box will up the
collisions much more than an ftp put.


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