Re: IP Router

rude bwoy (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 19:13:35 -0600

I'm not quite clear on what you are trying 2 do
is it like :

| | |
| |
| | |
| |
linux laptop (pc) (pc)




<isdn connection to isp>

(the pc's are there just for for fluff) :)
if so - yes - that's no problem - infact USRobotics used to make
a SOHO routing device specifically for that purpose. NETstinker
(or something like that it was called)... :)


Soulier, Frederic wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have an ISDN TA (PCI) in my box. The problem is that my ISDN TA
> does not have any Linux driver yet therefore I cannot use it under
> Linux.
> So, I was looking at the possibility to have an external IP Router
> which seems to work perfectly under Linux since it is not driver
> dependant. I want to use the router to access my ISP through a
> dial-up connection.
> Now, the question is: can the IP router cope with a dial-up ISDN
> connection? Both 64Kbps & 128Kbps? PPP and Multi-Link PPP?
> (I have never used a router before).
> In the future I may also connect my laptop to my Linux machine
> and use the router to access my ISP.
> Any suggestions, comments really really welcome.
> Note: I am running RedHat 5.2, Kernel 2.2.1 and KDE 1.1
> Thanks.
> Fred

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