Re: Hardware Reqmts for an IP Masquerader

Tim Fletcher (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:50:50 +0000 (GMT)

> Guys,
> I'm planning on setting up a Linux box to act as an IP masquerader
> connected to a cable modem. I'm setting it up so that this machine IP
> masquerade to the cable modem for a Linux machine and a Win98 machine.
> This machine won't be doing anything else, only acting as the IP
> masquerader.

> I have a spare 486/100. Will this handle it? I need to buy some RAM,
> how much would you suggest?

I run a DX4 100 as an ip masqer for 5 machines all on 10baseT connected to
a 10baseT network, I get the full bandwidth between my machine and clients
on the network (1 meg a sec ftp). The load on the firewall at the time is
~0.3. The firewall is a DX4 100 with 20 meg of RAM and 40 meg of HDD.
Average uptime is 30 days (mostly taken down by me kicking it or a
hardware fiddle, yet to crash it)

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