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Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:41:44 +0100

Dear all,

I have a small network at home, and wish to use a dedicated system running
Linux RHL51 to give using PPP access to the internet. I am in the process of
setting this up using IP masq and IP firewall, but have a little problem.
When I use pppd to setup my link, it requires my default route to be
replaced with the ppp interface address as its gateway in order to access
the internet. (My local net is 192.168.1.* with .1 as gw)

However, this gives me some problems, since I also have DHCPd running on
this system. When I replace the default route, DHCPd is unable to send
replys to DHCPCd queries from my network. (Network unreachable) Of course I
can disable DHCPd and assign fixed IP addresses by hand to all systems, but
I would prefer to use DHCP. The problem - I assume - is in the fact that
DHCPd has to send its reply to the entire network, and not the 192.168.1.*
subnet, since the DHCPC doesnt yet know of its IP. (Am I making sense so far
?) The clients on the network run both Linux and Windoze, and neither seem
to get an acknowledgement to their requests.

Is there any way I can tell DHCPd to not use the default route when
acknowledging requests ? Or any other way I can use ppp and DHCPd on the
same system ? I figure I either need to setup some special route, or pass
some other parameters to DHCPd.

Vriendelijke Groeten / Kind Regards,

Alexander van Luijpen

Philips Semiconductors Nederland
Test and Product Engineering
MOS4YOU - C075 OTP / Consumer Systems Nijmegen - BL Video

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