Name Service error

Matthew A Brodycz (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 13:39:19 -0600

I have named running, it answers all queries from nslookup fine, except
when I try to do ls to get all hosts in the data base.

When I try this, the following error is added to the syslogs.
Jan 25 15:02:01 Server1 named[7346]: unapproved AXFR from
[].1174 for "" (not zone top)

Because this is a stand-alone net (no internet) I do not have a root
servers listed. Because of this I get errors like
this when I query addresses outside the network.

.... Server1 named [66]: No root nameservers for class IN

After reading the docs again, this is still the only solution because I
have no internet yet.

However, I have read the docs and found only one line that says anything
about AXFR.
I don't what it is, much less how to fix it.


313. [bug] The nameserver would only try zone transfers from the master
that answered its SOA query.
If a master for some reason can answer the SOA but not the AXFR, the
other masters (if any)
should be tried.

Can someone give me an idea of which way to go. I have a program that
builds a database of allowed hosts
from this query. And so far the program has turned out to be completely
useless without the allowed hosts file.
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