Re: POP problems

Henrique Pantarotto (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:45:21 -0300

>>From MAILER-DAEMON Wed Mar 10 13:38:52 1999
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 13:38:52 -0500 (EST)
>From: Mail System Internal Data <MAILER-DAEMON@MODEM.GMAGROUP>
>X-IMAP: 0921091112 0000000001
>Status: RO
>That is quite confusing to the users and me and I'm afraid it might mess
>up the mailbox, too. Actually, I'm not sure whether it happens to anyone
>but root. Does that make sense?


a coulple of months ago, my server used the default POP3 daemon that came
with Red Hat. And that message always appeared at the begining of the
user's mailbox. Even when I manually deleted it, it always came back. This
message was always ignored by the POP daemon, and the users never knew it

Then I moved to qpopper (Qualcomm's POP3 server), and then all users
received the _mysterious_ message (one time only), and it never showed up

I guess it's the POP3 daemon that always generated the message, I don't
know why. ;-( qpopper doesn't do that anymore, but I don't know if this
is good or bad.

I don't think your users are getting this message. Maybe only you, because
you are root (although most POP daemons don't permit root to get mail).

Well, that's my experience.. hope its useful to you.. ;-)

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