Problems with Linux on laptop

Pieter Claassen (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:04:10 +0200


This might not be the right group, sorry.

I have put Linux on our Mecer t1850 and everything is ok, exept that the
SVGA server doesn't run well.

A. The screen cannot toggle between resolutions and is off center (LCD
cannot be adjusted event with fine tune)
B. The Mouse pointer (touch pad) is off target in the SVGA server
C. The mouse pointer can't get to the right hand side of the screen.

I don't know what the screens refresh rates are (what does happen with LCD
pannels) and cannot guess the right values.

I would appreciate any help.

Pieter Claassen
Tel: (021) 448-4326/7 Fax: (021) 448-4185

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