forwarding eth1 to eth0

Ryan Sweat (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 17:43:30 -0600

Ok thanks for the input, now i got it half-way working. The problem now
i suspect is in the router (cisco 2501), but lemme explain. I can ping
anything outside of the router, (internet) I can also ping anything
directly connected to the router, but we have portmaster 3's, which are
essesntialy dial-up pools of modems. I cannot get any activity from the
client box to any of our dial-in customers. The traceroute reveals that it
stops at the router (cisco), so i would assume its a static route that needs
to be added. Any ideas ?
It just seems strange i can ping internally, but not through another gateway
(such as a portmaster). Thanks for the input earlier, i appreciattte it.

Ryan Sweat
IH2000 ISP
Beaumont TX

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