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gary0319 (
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 21:49:43 -0600

Hello Linux Lovers
This is my first posting to this group. I am having trouble getting AX25
and TCP/IP to talk to my Kantronics KAM TNC running in the KISS mode. I
would appreciate any suggestions you can give me.
My current system:
Slackware 3.5, kernel 2.0.34 compiled per textbook "Linux Configuration
& Installation 4th Edition".
Applied the patch - 2.0.35 to upgrade the kernel to use with ax25-utils
2.1.42a and net-tools 1.32-alpha.
AX25 and serial support was selected before the kernel was compiled
using menuconfig.

1. Minicom communications program will work through ttyS0 (com 1) when
connected to an external modem. Connected to BBS without any problem.

2. Next I connect my KAM tnc in KISS mode to ttyS0. The mkiss command
appears in /usr/sbin. Tried the command "mkiss -p -c -h -l -s 1200
/dev/ttyS0 ptyq0"
No error messages were echoed. Is there anyway to tell if the
mkiss is loaded and running?

3. Next command issued " kissattach - i -m 512
/dev/ttyq0 ax0"
(ax0 is name used in the axports file - the only port used for VHF)
Message echo "kissattach: open: I/O error"

4. The ifconfig command shows only the "lo - Loopback" is attached.
Should this also show the radio port if kissattach is working?

5. I assume the axattach command is not used for this configuration as
directed in the HOWTOs for the version I am running? I do not see the
command in any directory.

I understand the problem could be the ax25 support in the kernel but I
have tried recompiling a couple of times with careful consideration for
ax25 and serial support.

Sorry if these questions are too newbie but I do need some elmering.
This is my first round with Linux and ax25. Thanks a lot.

Gary C. Meyer, W0DYD, Minnetonka, MN

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